Liminal Spaces: User Testing


We did a user test run of our audio walk Liminal Spaces



User Feedback


  • that the first action loosened you up to be more open to the whole experience
  • that you flow throughout the space more fluidly without holding a physical thing like a map
  • quote content
  • opening door into the outside effect
  • really liked the Laozi quote




  • add more space to the actions:
    • find your way into the lobby
    • grab the handrail and carefully lean over to look downstairs
    • drift towards the exit doors
  • add  transitioning /sonic cue into the Solnit reading – like an opening door,  maybe ambient sound like Brent’s architecture quote?
  • bump up the levels of outdoor crescendo section
  • more detail in description / context clues of where the handrail is / had started towards the retractable cloth Queue way


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