Quilt Materials

Due to Covid 19 i’ve placed visiting the Garment District here on hold and have ordered some items through etsy. I also took a look at online shops from places from the Garment District for future possible purchases. With needing to maybe keep things a little more tight financially also looking to see what could be sourced as material at home from clothes, sheets or pillow cases : )  More soon ❤

Thesis: Office Hours 3.10 / Marina Zurkow


Somethings mentioned:

  • to spend some time deep thinking, writing on brainstorming around the qualities, materialities of trees and quilts, patterns of mending and the lifespan and break down of materiality of both
  • The Overstory by R. Powers –  trees as a narrative mechanic symbol and character in storytelling and poetry
  • Beryl Korot’s weaving
  • History of making and thinking through textile art
  • The idea of artifacts, the quilt as an artifact, as a map? as a protective layer of comfort and warmth
  • how does this idea of repair and mending return to AR?
    • thinking about our first lecture in magic windows


Magic Windows: Final

Little sleepy plant friends ❤  For this project / sketch I kept playing with AR Foundations place multiple objects example. Thinking of our class conversation on animism and some of the examples shown in the class lecture on augmenting objects.  Would be better as an object / image tracking build.




Ideal Functionality: 

When you tap a plant a dialogue bubble pops up and its facial emotion changes.

Also would like to try instantiating the same object with different textures, similar to what Hayk showed us in class last week with his Augmenting the urban space. That way there could be a linear dialogue being clicked through, or could toggle from asleep to awake? https://forum.unity.com/threads/how-to-instantiate-the-same-object-with-different-textures.269030/ Would also like to play with transparency layers https://forum.unity.com/threads/make-object-cube-transparent.495314/


Current Functionality: 

Right now its more like a sticker, where you tap the screen a little below the pot to have the prefabs appear ( a zzz dialogue box) and set of sleeping eyes). Since the angle is based on where your phone is at time of ar session launch, the stickers wont always be at the right perspective when used.  Would be better to have it centered around object recognition? Have had a couple issues with using images as materials? They seem to be getting reversed. I think I also left the UI example on that helps guide user through movement for better plane detection.



Misc Quilt Tests 

Also played around some with images & stitching appear on the quilt as a simple test. This also uses the AR foundation Place multiple objects tutorial. Would like to try it for image targets (either the AR foundation example or starting with Vuforia for tests). For Some reason the textures were wrapping upside down? Need to take a closer look and make sure i didnt get lost in my XYZ system



ExploreQuiltMode_01ExploreQUiltMode_02ExploreQuiltMode3Screen Shot 2020-03-10 at 1.05.37 AM

Mobile Lab: List app brainstorm

Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 1.31.13 PM.png  TreeWireFrame1.jpgIMG_2798 2

Would like to create a list app that helps me get to know the trees on my block based off of  the NYC Street Tree Map. Hope to pull specific info from the bio & current ecological benefits  to date.

Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 1.48.52 PM



Diagram of your Data Model

  • 2-3 screen mockups of your app
  • Develop a scrollview prototype using a few sample items from your data – follow along video demo from class but use your own structs an data
  • Any technical questions/requirements
  • Be prepared to present your idea to the class for feedback
  • Post documentation and scrollview demo video to #sp2020-homework channel



Mobile Lab: Midterm – List app

  • Problem solving and debugging
  • ObservedObject
  • Data Modeling and Structs

Labs 🔬

  • Create/add an original icon and name to your app
    • Apple design resources are here
    • If not using Apple’s Photoshop template, start with a 1024×1024 resolution image and use either App Icon Resizer or IconKit to create different icon sizes

Design Assignment 📐

Midterm: Master-Detail Application

A common app interface pattern displays a master list of items. Selecting the item navigates to a separate view showing more details about that item. e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Notes App, Spotify, etc. For the midterm you will design and develop your own master-detail application.


  • Data model for app needs to be 2 or more levels deep
  • App needs to show list (vertical or horizontal scrolling) and allow navigation to detail
  • Must be able to input/update a data element

Due next week (March 12)

  • Diagram of your Data Model
  • 2-3 screen mockups of your app
  • Working ScrollView prototype of a few sample items from your data (follow along video demo from class but use your own structs and data)
  • Post documentation and scrollview demo video to #sp2020-homework channel
  • Any technical questions/requirements
  • Be prepared to present your idea to the class for feedback

Due after Spring Break (March 26):

  • Completed application with original name and icon

Thesis: Thinking about Collections

For my project’s MVP I hope to build an app that lets me create my own tree species image collections from images selected from my camera roll or taken live.

Those images would then be added to a list or dictionary (form to be explored). This collection could then be used as texture wraps viewable in AR exploration mode (Unity + ARfoundation + Swift/IOS).

Things to also consider is dynamic/mutable libraries, Loading Resources at Runtime,  and world saving or some ability to save the changes to collections once the app is closed.

Other things noted: Coroutines , Quaternions


Brainstorming App build 

Overall AR App brainstorm


AR App3_Flowonly
Flow of interaction



Brainstorming around ways to organize Tree Species image groupings 

  • List
    • is like a dynamically sized array, you don’t need to know how many elements it will have ahead of time
    • can store any type 
    • using
      • UnityEngine;
      • System.Collections;
      • System.Collections.Generic;
    • can create a constructor and then populate your list
    • .Add
      • add function to add to end of the list
    • .Count
      • same as length property of arrays
    • .Remove
    • .Insert
    • .Clear
  • Dictionaries 


  • Dictionary 
  • to ideally have each associated target collection wrap as image textures around associated prefabs (like planes)


Maybe it would function something like this could work for the mvp?  Although it is for sprites, could work similarly for images.

It contains similar steps needed:


textiles & togetherness – 3.6.20

Ashley and I kept working alongside on our textile projects. Ashley continued weaving and I worked on creating smaller image targets for a soft mvp quilt. I decided to hold off on the bottlebrush buckeye and think of another for the future.

Depending on ability to build out collections digitally, may only focus on 1-3 species for first stages, but for now drew out space for 6, 5 drawn and 1 held for a new species. I layered the images in photoshop to make one printable stencil. Tracing on the muslin with the image underneath, first in pencil to mark/ brainstorm positioning, and then after all after positioned, filled in with sharpie.



Magic Windows: Augmenting the urban space

Test w/ cones


Original hello world test – plane detection & point cloud


For this week we were to explore using AR Foundation and augment urban space. I was able to get the class hello world example to my phone with Rui’s help and a couple other tests but wasn’t quite able to get at my initial ideas. ❤  Maybe after office hours tomorrow : )

Things i looked into:

= Multiple image trackers, reference libraries and mutable reference libraries

Wanted to augment the sonic space with subway train logo markers. Where if it recognizes the signage and starts playing various songs written about the NYC trains, like Tom Waits’ Downtown train or Beastie Boys Stop That Train.

Was able to get it to the stage where it recognized my images in the reference library, next steps would be to have it trigger audio once tracked.