Intro to Computational Media: Inspiration

I love playful, whimsical interactions that can happen when using computation, both in the physical and digital world. I’m inspired by interactivity and participatory work especially when thinking about public art projects. For a long time I’ve found the work from Graffiti Research Lab and Office for Creative research so inspiring.

The moment I decided to really push and continue to learn more about  computation as an artistic medium was due to a conference called Inst-Int in Minneapolis. It was the first time I had experienced anything like that before, and heard Mouna Andraos talk about Mesa musical shadows . I loved hearing her talk about the processes of the sensors reading shadow input to trigger a range of musical sounds. I love how interactive installation like that and daily tou jours The Swings  have you understand architecture and space in a sonic way, and to meditate on how our bodies move through space. Also hearing Camille Utterback talk about her graduate school days and how her hope was to think of exploring new ways of drawing, and that both computation and pencils were both tools, technologies.

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