Comm Lab: Audio & Video – Oil Twitchers & Barge Spotters







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Oil Twitchers and Barge Spotters:

A Field Guide to Whale Creek

Created by Floating Studio for Dark Ecologies (Nicholas Hubbard, Rebecca Lieberman and Marina Zurkow)
Voice: Bruce Shackelford
Sound Engineer: Jane Cramer
Music: Justin Peake


Post-natural, bringing the past forward, rehabilitation and reclamation of nature. How did they choose which plants they used as part of the wetland healing process? Did they know the metal for the light posts would rust in a birchwood  pattern after exposed to weather and time? All these things came to mind, but the first questions for me were what is Dark Ecology? What is the  post-natural world, the anthropocene?

On Monday (9.10) I visited Newton Creek Nature walk with my partner Chad to experience the sound walk  – Oil Twitchers and Barge Spotters. I thought he might find it interesting since he works as an environmental scientist, and to hear his personal stories of the rehabilitation of the Chesapeake Bay. The Newton Creek Nature Walk (2007) was “designed by an Environmental Sculptor George Trakas, to encourage visitors to ponder the errors of the waterway ” ( track 2 of audiowalk).   The health of the Creek is so poor that in 2010 the EPA declared it to be a federal Superfund Site and entered into agreement with the Potentially Responsible Parties. (FSDE)  

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