Notes from mobile lab reviewers

  • lean into initial quote / abbreviated thesis presentation needed more time for molding
  • others seem to want to describe it as a implementable template that others could use verses a singular personal exploration, process based arts project? could lean into that idea of a blueprint where image targets could be changed based on the family/person using it (example maybe its memories centered around specific locations vs trees etc). with that direction – how to make the interface more customizable including AR experience.
  • if wanting to further articulate the idea of personalized, crafted apps (not meant for app store deployment but rather placed directly on someones phone as a gift like we gift a knitted scarf or a mixtape). then create some more illustrations showcasing this idea, maybe a gift of an smart phone being sew together or how the memory collections start to function as a collaborative mixtape.
  • how to have a range of media showcase / play back in the explore mode, more audio exploration like oral storytelling, maybe songs etc
  • leaf as an interesting symbol for the questions of material ephemerality.
  • how to tie the influences back in, the idea of looking to physical ways of making to inspire the physical tools we make, like the bill buxton quote.
  • getting back to the idea of modularity, could the quilt targets be embroidered patches, with new ones able to be snapped on

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